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China Repair About Me

I trained in a privately owned studio with a professional China Restorer with over 20 years experience and in 1998 began working alone.

I currently work from my studio in Buckinghamshire UK, and enjoy working for a large variety of people both National and International, from leading auction houses, historic houses, Insurance companies in addition to antique dealers and private collectors.

Offering wide range of services to suit the individual needs and budget of the client, ranging from conservation or “museum” repairs, to high quality “invisible” repairs.

Please see my Terms and Conditions Page with Terms on all work carried out by China Repair.

I'm a member of ICON and have been for many years.  

My main principle as a Porcelain Restorer has always been dedicated to using the most advanced materials and techniques available, to achieve quality Restoration of your treasured pieces. A vast range of materials pass through the workshop including: china, pottery and porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, terracotta, tiles, plaster, resin, jade, onyx, ivory and glass.

The items repaired both antique and more modern include well known factory names like:  
Lladro, Nao, Doulton, Meissen, Worcester, Moorcroft, Minton, Wedgwood, Derby, Spode, Coalport, Bow, Chelsea,  Dresden, Sevres, Limoges, Oriental Pottery, Majolica, Staffordshire, Denby, Clarice Cliff, Charlotte Rhead, Capo di Monte, Beswick, Border Fine Arts, Country Artists, Fairweather, Swarovski Crystal to name but a few.

Contact David Battams

Workshop Tel No. 07956832375


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Majolica Cheese Dish restoration
Worcester Candle holder restored
Dresden Group restored
Lladro Don Quixote Restored
Wedgwood Bull Restored
Workshop Tel 07956832375