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Majolica Cheese Dish restoration
Worcester Candle holder restored
Dresden Group restored
Lladro Don Quixote Restored
Wedgwood Bull Restored
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China Repair Examples

This page is full of examples of my work and should give a flavour of the variety of things I get in to Restore, people often think Restorers only work on high value items, in fact often the opposite is usually the case, with the majority of items worked on being of far greater sentimental value than financial.

Simply click a picture and it will take you to a page showing more detail on the repair of that item, clicking any picture on the items page will bring you back here.

Please bear with me as New examples are Added.

Lladro Flowers for Everyone Repair       Thumbnail 3       Thumbnail 3

Beswick_Seagull_on_Rock_Repair       Thumbnail 3       Thumbnail 3

David Battams

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