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Below are some of the many testimonials I have been kindly given by clients on my work, reprinted exactly with their kind permission, I hope they give an indication of what people think of my work.

Rosenthal Base Repair

Thank you.

The repair is unbelievable and the goat is so happy to be out of the cupboard.  No one would know it is not a brand new base, all is quite perfect.  My husband is so delighted to have this very beautiful piece of china where we can enjoy it. He will be 90 at the end of next week and the goat has followed him to many countries.   Yours sincerely,

Claire Kizlink. Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Majolica Inkwell Repair

Dear David,

The restoration that you have carried out to my Majolica inkwell can only be described as exceptional!
Few occasions can ever arise where I am happy to highly recommend the services of another, but on this rare occasion, I am delighted to do so.
From the very beginning of our correspondence, it was obvious that I was dealing with a true professional. My complete faith in you has been rewarded through your skill.

Thank you David and should any prospective client require further endorsement to this testimonial, then I shall be delighted to provide it.

David Johnson (Maling Pottery Historian)

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Meissen Figurine Repair

Dear David,

Figurine received safely about 10 minutes ago. It is beautiful. I am awed by your talent.
I will most certainly recommend you.

Thank you
Hugh Morgan

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Crown Staffordshire Bird Repair

Thank you. The swallow arrived this morning, (Wednesday). More tears, this time of pleasure.
You really have done a wonderful job. P.KH. Oxford

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Lladro Figure Repair

David, Just to let you know we have received the Lladro figurine. My wife, who would be one of your severest critics is absolutely delighted, so thanks very much for a super job well done.
R.B. Somerset

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Tea Pot Lid Repair

Hello David, thanks you very very much for your wonderful repair and colour match, I was amazed at the result, I shall definitely be using you in the future when the occasions arise and will recommend your work to all my friends, thanks again for a fantastic bit of artistry.
Best Wishes
W.T. Trowbridge

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Lladro Figurine Repair

Hello David
I’m writing to say a big “THANK YOU” for the wonderful restoration work you’ve carried out on my Lladro figurine, its absolutely first-class and worth every penny I’ve paid for it.
I cannot see any sign of restoration work, the flower and leaf are moulded so beautifully and the colour is as vibrant as the other flowers on the figurine, I am unable to tell the difference. You’ve done a fantastic job.
Thank you again.
Valerie Etheridge. Chattons Cambridgeshire

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Lladro Figurine Repair

Dear David

The parcel arrived safely this morning.

I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with the results of your work.  The figurine now sits alongside its partner – Girl with Candle.

Until you actually see the finished article it is difficult to visualise the effects of restoration and an “invisible mend” is, in this instance, exactly what I have got.  There is no discernable difference in the shade of glaze on the restored item compared to the original of the Girl with Candle.  Remarkable!  Should I ever be asked to recommend a china restorer I would have no hesitation in passing on your details.

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards

Richard McDermott. Plymouth

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Royal Crown Derby Repair

Repair absolutely brilliant. My husband couldn’t even detect where the original damage was, even though I pointed to the area of the handle where it was damaged!! Will definitely be using your services again. Many thanks
V.R. Hampshire

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Crown Devon Bowl Repair

Hi David,

Firstly, the bowl arrived safely, very well packaged.

I must say you have done an incredible job and although a lot of my friends and family thought I was mad bothering to get it done, if I tell you I cried when I saw it, the contact with my Mum felt so great, I was overwhelmed.   It was worth it.
Thank you so very much.
Annie Elvin. Berkshire

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Plate and Saucer Repair

I have received my plate and saucer safely today and I am absolutely astounded with the repair. I know you said invisible but I didn’t REALLY expect it to be, but how wrong I was. I really cannot express just how delighted I am.
P.B. Cramlington

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Plaster Jesus Repair

Jesus arrived safely yesterday. We are absolutely delighted with the results of your work on this and really appreciate the care and skill it has taken to achieve such a brilliant restoration. Thanks a million
L.K. London

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